Monday, November 06, 2006

The photographs have arrived!

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See all about it, see all about it!

I have just published my first iWeb application at .Mac with the amazing Apple computer. I sent one email and made one phone call to tech support at .Mac, and immediately I was able to publish over 400 photos for the whole world to see. I'm still in the titling phase however I couldn't wait any long to show the 1st draft.

To all who worked on the iWeb and the all new .Mac - stand and salute yourselves. +++ Our very own RogerConnelly is my tech support at Apple and modestly helped with the .Mac implimentation - way to go Raj! +++

To see our photos (sans titles) go to:

The story of day two, downhill, will follow tomorrow night.


Janice Held


Blogger Ginger said...

BRAVO !!! They are great - I am working my way through them all. What a wonderful program to display them.


10:20 AM  

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