Wednesday, November 01, 2006

They are home!

Just a short post for now - Janice and Paige are both home - safe and sound!


Blogger Ginger said...

Welcome home !!!

7:31 AM  
Blogger Janice Held said...

WE ARE HOME and still brain dead. Neither Paige nor I have been given keys to our cars. I am blazingly dumb. I lay down to take a nap and moments later I think of somethings else to do and I get up.

We left our story at the bridge but thre is more. And now I have pictures. It's still a little soon for me to look at the pictures as my mind doesn't yet know the time zone or language spoken outsided of my own front door.

Before I write another word I must tell you all that my magnificent daughter Paige Lynn who led the entire way. She carried the leaviest pack. She was a constant living adding machine, banker, baker, believer, and inspiration. She didn't miss a beat, a bargain nor miss a step.

If you wanted to know where you were (every 5 minutes) she knew. Pagie could have set up and bakery, book store, bargin basement and internet cafe, right in the middle of the Namche Bazaar had we just stayed another three days.

My greatest moment of grief was that first night at the Zamling Lodge, after an eight and a half hour climb from 8,700 feet up to 12,300 feet, when I couldn't help her through Acute Mountain Sickness, or maybe even H.A.C.E., as she could not stop shaking for more than 4 hours. She just kept saying, "I'm cold."

Between our two twin beds was a small wooden table with a tip cup of hot tea that had long since gotten cold. I sat helplessly with bandaged knees, fully clothed and wrapped in blankets readng the traveler's first aide guide book. I believe that it was page 66 where they wrote about high altitude problems. Where were we and what had I done to her?

After half of the long dark night I heard her breathing settle down and she could roll over. I curled up into my own warm little corner and got some sleep. As a mom I was lost, as a daughter she was found.

I currently have a warm white cat sitting in my lap that needs to take a nap. I must assist.

If anything I have said does not make any sense, you ought'a be in here. More later!


12:14 PM  

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