Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Giving Thanks

As Thanksgiving approached I kept thinking of how grateful I am for so many things. My brand new baby granddaughter, Riley Arico, comes to mind. The amazing trip that I got to take with Paige is still uppermost in my mind. Thankful for living in California with all of the comfort trappings of a wealthy country with toilets ranks way up there. Friends are always surrounding my mind when a warm call from Ginger kept me smiling for hours. Ginger and I went to Peru together six years ago, which led to my ability to visit third world countries.

As I stirred in my room I was looking out onto the patio to see what the morning had brought. And on the ground was a hummingbird lying still on his back with two little claws curled up to his chest. He’d hit the window during the morning and ended his life right at my door. A sadness befell me and I paused prior to picking him up for a proper burial. I remember saying a quiet prayer as to way couldn’t he just get up and fly away. Just this once, please.

Before I could say amen the precious little critter was in the air. One swoosh and he was five feet of the ground and looking back momentarily to see what had happened to him. Then with a flick of the neck he took off toward the sun. Soon thereafter he returned to his perch and forgot it ever happened. I’m thankful.

Janice Held


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