Friday, November 03, 2006

Adjusting to high-oxygen levels!

The necessity to report on the three days of climbing down the mountain haunts me. After going through 408 photographs makes any verbal story too short. The story will come with the pictorial assist and we’ll prove that a picture is worth at least 352 words. In fact, I’d post all of the pictures from my iPhoto file if I knew how to do it. I trust the Roger, CivilTongue and WebMistress Ginger will tell me how – No, show me – No, do it for me [:-}

Yesterday I felt and acted like a 5 year-old child with a head cold. (Or mildly drunk adult.) Just being outside of the house caused jumpiness and over-stimulation. The head cold is part of what feels like a swollen brain. Even though Paige and I joked constantly about ABD, it is real. Brain trauma and swelling in high altitudes. Hmmmmm. One example of ABD was today when I had a little talk with myself about taking a package up to Kinko’s where they have Netflix pick-up.

I am aware that changing emotional symptoms following a trauma could take up to 90 days for the sharp edges of shock to melt down to something smoother. What formerly was fear is now intrigue. Why can’t I remember the word for hat? The belief that everything will settle down and my body will return to normal calms to worried mind, most of the time. Denial, lack of knowledge and wishful thinking all mandate the statement above.

This morning I ventured out on to the roadway for a nail appointment. I knew that I had enough strength for a nail appointment. Emmiline asked me, “Do you know that you are rocking back and forth.” Nope. Self-soothing is a funny thing.

I will now self-sooth myself by going to bed. There is something about ‘Jeopardy’ that soothes my mind to sleep.

Note to Paige: Honey, I got taken aside again during the security check from SFO to LAX. I checked every pocket in my pants, took out my hair clips and offered to remove the zipper to my pants. During my “ side-stance” in a clear plastic room, in the middle of the security checkpoint, someone shouted out ‘BREACH!” Everything came to a sudden halt. “Don’t move, everyone – Don’t move.” That lasted for about 6 very quiet still and tense moments. I was finally cleared when the female ATF agent found a tin can of Wintergreen Altoid gum. Where you say? The same place that they found my reading glasses in Toyko.

Good Night and Namaste,
Jh (mom)


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