Friday, October 20, 2006

Staying put

I heard from Janice last night (complete static, inaudible) and again this morning for a short time. I don't know if it's all Iridium satphones, or just that one in particular, but we're sure not getting good clean calls.

Anyhoo, Janice and Paige spent 7 hours hiking to see the doctor. (Hmm, right off the bat that sounds like a bad idea to me.) This was as much for insurance purposes as actual damage control. Other than that, the ladies are finding it very pleasant in Banchi Bazaar (I probably have that wrong, but I know there's shopping there) and they're staying for a few more days. Then they're taking 3 days to hike back down to Lukla where they will meet the rest of their party.

And speaking of the party, they didn't do so well either. The onward trekkers encountered unseasonable rain and snow (so, when is snow unseasonable on Mt. Everest?). As I get it, two returned early and two are pushing on to Base Camp, weather or not. So, by getting injured early in the trek, our ladies may have actually had the best possible experience under the circumstances. (How's that for a positive spin?)

I was hoping she'd be home soon (I miss her) but I guess she'll be taking the full time as planned.


Blogger Malia said...

Am glad they are staying the full time. I miss Janice like crazy but I'm sure there is lots to see and experience there. It is such a long trip...good to make good use of their time there. Please send them my love and let Janice know everything is under control. Love and Light, Malia

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