Sunday, October 29, 2006

More from Janice this morning...

Got another message directly from Janice...
After we said our good-byes to the Tsedam Sherpa family we began our ascend down the mountain. The two porters (Dali Lama and Kissin' Cousin) heading off with 60 pounds on their backs. Paige was on her own as she really got tired of looking over her shoulder watching for me - I was in great hands with Pumpkin (Lhakpa). Before the three of us officially became separated by altitude we meandered through Namche for the final time. Shop keepers came out to wish us well. "Big Mouth:", from the internet cafe by the bakery, said "Don't forget to send me an iPod."

Paige pulled ahead as we passed through the Blessing Gate and I turned around for one more look at the hamlet in the sky fully covered in fresh white snow. That one photo will remain in my mind all by itself. My Canon camera took a whole bunch of different photos earlier that morning. My devoted Pumpkin was carrying his backpack, my backpack, one of my trekking poles all the while holding out his left arm to guide down each and every stone.

The view --- obviously the snow level had dropped to foot level and all off the hills and mountains above my feet were white. Mountains, big mountain, were off to our right and we clung to the left side of our mountain going ever lower. Moss covered the low forest setting to my left and a rather significant drop was to you right. It sounds so magical until I add into your view the jopjock (they look like cows on steroids with big horns to me) carrying huge loads of everything and wearing cow bells. LOOK OUT when you hear the bells coming up (or down) the trail. I case you are interested - always lean against the hill side when then pass - wide load could knock you off your rocker.

But down we go into the snowless valley of the Himalayan Mountain range. With Pumpkin at my side, and Paige knowing where to wait, I know exactly where to hang my (our) prayer flags. Tomorrow I'll have to fill you in on a great deal as the following morning we fly out of Kathmandu. I can't wait to tell you about the terrific physics gift that I found along the way.

And when they tell you, Don't Feed the Dogs - they meant it an now Paige and I have a much finer understanding of the problem.

Until tomorrow, Namaste


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