Monday, October 23, 2006

Direct message from Janice...

Today is our last day in Namche:-( We have truly become a part of the community. We have tea and finger chips (french fries) with the honored owner of the Zamling Lodge. He talked about his mother who still lives in Namche very near to his lodge. Honor and respect are worth so much more than money. It seems to be the one thing you can never get again if you lose it.

While we were chatting we'd occasionally look out of the window and watch the snow flakes falling all around. Hot tea, good friends, warm heater and snow - what a blessing.

I fail to mention that the day we hiked seven hours to the doctor we took the short cut back and walked across the reported highest airport runway in the world. No signs, no planes, no terminal, no rights just one flat and level piece of land. Our summit that day was 13,000 ft, our highest point on the trip.

Just a note to Leianna, my personal shopper and friend, from REI - I got your stones. On our day hike to the doctor we stopped for a Coke and water where I could photograph my prayer flags. I asked Lhukpa to find me some small stones to hold down the flags and he got four precious small pieces of rock. Then I decided these rocks are for Leianna - so I took pictures of the outdoor cafe and the rock piles from where they came. You will be getting the soon.

Tomorrow we are indeed heading down. Most people are scheduled to do it in ONE day. Not us we are taking four - maybe three. We're going slowly and safely with no pressure at all. It seems that one of my many problems (besides snoring) is that I stop to talk to all of the children and all of the animals. Can't help it!

We are safe and we will stay that way. After a three to four day hike down we will fly back to Kathmandu one day earlier. That means nothing as days mean nothing. You got up with the sun and you go to bed with the moon.

To all of the dancers at Long Dance I will see you in September but be with you everyday. At Long Dance Alya and the other fire keepers will keep us warm and I will dance all night - my prayers were answered.

I will be in touch as soon as we reach another internet cafe - until then the boys will report our travels through text messages via sat phone.

Namaste to all,



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