Friday, October 20, 2006

A direct message from Janice...

Got the below in an email from Janice tonight (so Saturday morning her time)...

First of all I really want to thank Roger for translating our mixed messages. Four ( of three) days ago when we arrived in Namche Bazaar I thought that we were both in trouble. No, I knew I was in trouble due to the fall onto my right knee and the left knee dragging me to a halt - but my REI pants did not tear - just my flesh. No real bleeding as it was too deep to bleed. Our guide asked for our first aid kit but it was in our main pack. We had planned to only become injury in our beds.

After that mishap three guides huffed and puffed pulling and pulling me up the remainder of the 1800 ft climb to Namche. Right knee badly bruised and left kee in pain. OOps.

We truly struggled to climp 2600 ft in one day at a incline greater than 45 degrees. I got to the tea table at our lodge Zambling Guest House ( - please email them with extreme kind words for taking such good care of Janice and Paige) I could only sit for a few minutes and Carol said that Paige really needs to see you.

** edit by Roger - I don't think that website exist - both Paige and Janice told me it, but it doesn't seem to exist - I'll see if I can track down a way for us all to send them email - end of edit by Roger **

I climbed 15 more steps to our room and found Paige in her sleeping bag with two blankets on top of her and she was nearly lifeless. Our main guide Tschring came into check on her. Nausea, head aches, lifeless, COLD, and one plastic straw from her REI water bladder laying by her pillow. They brought her warm tea, more water, more blankets aamd kept a good eye on her. It was dark and we could NOT have gone up (4 hours up to airport) or down ( 8 hour climb down) - nothing to be done until morning.

I stayed awake until she warmed up and could sit up to drink some water. We were both going to survive the night.

I did notice that all of the way from Kathmandu to Namche we had two crows following us. As soon as Paige got sick we only had one crow. Crows are Roger's totem - I think he's mad at me. Today we asked him to pray fro both us this morning and now two crows have returned. Thanks Roger.

I will soon tell you about he next two days and especially the 7 hour hike to the hospital. I'm sure that makes perfect sense up here but I'm new. Last night snow level dropped to 40 yards above our lodge. We're cold.

More later,

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Blogger Ginger said...


It was so good to read your own words. It sounds like you are making the best of this situation and have things under control. (And that is so YOU.)

You and Paige have displayed so much courage to be on this trip and all its trials. BRAVO!!! You deserve a pat on the back! Not many could do it.

So I eagerly check your blog in hopes to keep up with the daily news. Keep us informed as you can.

And stay warm!


p.s. Aren't Roger and Dave doing a good job with the blog? Roger put up some links that shows us the area. Good work guys!

8:50 AM  

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