Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Talked to Janice and Paige on the sat phone tonight!

First, let me remember to thank Dave Held for getting me an account set up so that I can post these "as myself" rather then Janice - I'm sure that was confusing some - thanks Dave!

On to business - rather than a text from the sat phone, tonight I got a call! Janice and Paige have reached Namche Bazar on the route from Lukla to Base Camp. It was great to hear both their voices, although the stories they told me of the effort it took to do yesterdays march had me nervous at first - they both described it as very trying, to say the least. Apparently they ascended 2600 feet in one day! But, the conversations ended on a positive note - they were getting breakfast to eat, and they get the whole day to "acclimate" to the higher altitude in Namche Bazar. I'm hoping they take it easy - there's more trekking ahead of them.

Namche Bazar, Nepal


Blogger Ginger said...

Congratulations!!! What a milestone! I hope you are having a good rest day.

Much love and good wishes,

7:48 AM  

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