Monday, October 23, 2006

Leaving Namche Bazar...

It's Tuesday morning for Janice and Paige in Namche Bazar - I just got this email from Janice...

I can't leave Namche without telling you about our experience after my internet blogging last night. It was snowing and getting dark yet we stopped next door for hot chocolate and donuts. THEN when we walked out of the cafe Paige started dancing and singing, "Dancing in the snow, just dancing in the snow," in true 40's style. Lhukpa (lock-paw) joined in with her. Store keepers came out to see all of the laughter - mostly from me. Those two children finally broke out into a complete snowball fight. Paige thought that she had the advantage over a born mountain boy (with no sisters).

That went on all of the way up the hill (big hill) and we laughed all through dinner. Last night we had the heater and two hot water bottles. Yummmmm

This morning the skies are sunny and clear. Warm as toast and snow melting as fast as butter on a stove. We had breakfast and met our two porters and packed it all up. Our final farewell to the owner, his wife and daughter are loving caught on tape.

The owner GAVE me the amazing mask I had been watching on the wall and blessed us with two silk scarves for safe travels. A bitter sweet goodbye.

We loved our week in Namche and store keepers all along the cobble stones are waving to us as we leave.

My legs are great, my head is high and Paige (along with Lhukpa and two porters) will get us safely down to Lukla. We are truly blessed and we will be just fine. Talk to you from Lukla.




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