Friday, October 13, 2006

FIRST POST from Janice - in Bangkok!

Hello all - this is being posted by Janice's son-in-law. Janice will be sending me text messages during her Nepal Trek and I'll get them up here as quickly as possible. Thursday morning (yesterday) we saw Janice and my wife (her daughter) off to San Francisco Airport where they flew non-stop to Japan. I got a late night phone call from them saying they were safe (but tired) in Japan - they were trying to rest for a few hours (even though it was mid-afternoon on Friday in Japan at that point) before they would get back on a plane headed for Bangkok, their next stop on their journey. Now tonight I've just received my first text message from Janice - it reads: "Second message, off to Nepal! Love Bangkok! JH". Just to be clear, the first message they sent me was just a test to make sure the satellite phone Janice will be carrying worked (which it seems to be doing well). I'll post any form of communication I get from Janice and Paige so all can follow along as they head toward their final destination - Base Camp of Mount Everest!


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